Architectural Block

Brampton Brick offers split face architectural blocks in a wide array of solid and range colors to complement your project. With these units offering such an enhanced wall appearance, it is a suitable selection for commercial designs. This series comes in numerous styles, allowing customers to choose from 2 rib, 3 rib, 4 rib, 6 rib, split edge and split face corner blocks. Water repellent units are available upon request at the time of order.

Available with RainBloc. Click the logo to learn about RainBloc®.

Recommended Application:

Product PropertyCSAASTMTypical Brampton Brick Range
Compressive Strength (min)> 15 MPa> 2000 psi15 - 20 MPa
Absorption (max)< 175 kg/m³< 13 Ib/ft³103 - 126.6 kg/m³
Density> 2000 kg/m³> 125 Ib/ft³2215 - 2236 kg/m³
Based on CSA A165.1 and ASTM C90; Water repellent units available upon requst


Product Combination Tool

Use this tool to compare product and styles to find YOUR perfect color combination of brick and stone.