Architectural Block

Brampton Brick’s Architectural split-face blocks offer resourceful solutions for industrial, commercial, and institutional building projects. The units are available in split-face 2 to 6-rib styles, split ledge, and split-face corner styles in a wide array of depths.

The compressive strength of this block makes it suitable for use in load-bearing or single wythe masonry walls, while RainBloc integral water repellent additive makes it resistant to moisture penetration and wind driven rain.

Available with RainBloc. Click the logo to learn about RainBloc®.

Recommended Application:


Other colors are available on a made-to-order basis. Please contact your Brampton Brick Sales Representative for more information.

Product PropertyCSAASTMTypical Brampton Brick Range
Compressive Strength (min)> 15 MPa> 2000 psi15 - 20 MPa
Absorption (max)< 175 kg/m³< 13 Ib/ft³103 - 126.6 kg/m³
Density> 2000 kg/m³> 125 Ib/ft³2215 - 2236 kg/m³
Based on CSA A165.1 and ASTM C90; Water repellent units available upon requst


Product Combination Tool

Use this tool to compare product and styles to find YOUR perfect color combination of brick and stone.